Wisdom Teeth Extractions

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are evaluated for wisdom tooth removal. Often, this can be in the teens or early 20s, as problems like overcrowding become obvious in the mouth. However, your wisdom teeth can be extracted at any age if they pose safety risks to your oral health. Our San Mateo, CA dental team reviews some of the basics of wisdom teeth with you here.

The Advantages of Wisdom Teeth Removal

When it comes to wisdom teeth, it is especially important to ensure they are routinely examined by a professional. This can be accomplished through biannual check-ups and other preventative dentistry methods. The reason oral examinations are so essential is because they can help us determine what problems your wisdom teeth may be causing, so we know if oral surgery is the best route to pursue.Wisdom Teeth Removal San Mateo, CA

Wisdom Teeth & Teens

Most young adults have their wisdom teeth erupt in their late teens. However, not everyone has wisdom teeth! Some have just a few, while others have none at all. If you do have your wisdom teeth, it is important to practice good brushing and flossing habits, as wisdom teeth can sometimes make cleaning more difficult.

If wisdom teeth must be removed for any reason, it’s in your best interest to do so as early as possible. Before the age of 20 is ideal, as the more established the tooth root is, the more risky and painful extraction can be. Pay attention to any aches or pains in the back of the mouth, and if any issues do arise, be sure to see Bay Star Dental right away.

When is it Necessary to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

There are a number of situations in which it is necessary to extract wisdom teeth to better the overall health of the mouth. Some of the more common scenarios include:

  • Cyst formation: Sometimes, fluid-filled cysts can develop inside the jaw bone. Arising from the stress of impacted teeth, cysts can expand and cause severe damage if not properly treated.
  • Infection: One of the most common issues is gum infection, a result of there being too little space for a wisdom tooth to fully erupt. When this occurs, it can cause inflammation, pain, and present an infection risk.
  • Damage to adjacent teeth: The adjacent second molar can sometimes be placed at risk of damage when a wisdom tooth does not allow adequate room for cleaning.
  • Crowding issues: As your wisdom teeth come in, they can push your other teeth forward, which can lead to overcrowding. Most people don’t have a pressing need to remove their wisdom teeth, and they usually fall into this category. Patients with crowding issues undergo wisdom tooth extraction to prevent long-term damage to their teeth and jaw bone.

Clearly, there are a variety of reasons for which wisdom teeth must be removed. By coming in for regular check-ups at our San Mateo, CA office, we can determine if wisdom tooth surgery is something you should be exploring.

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